Expectations Are Pre-meditated Resentment


Expectations are thoughts we have about the future and a projection of how we expect things to be.

We can have good expectations and bad expectations, I want to talk about why I think neither are useful. Continue reading


4 Reasons Why You Must Get Away

get away

You may have a home, a place where your heart is, somewhere where you feel safe and know what to expect.

I’m yet to find that exact place so far but what I have found is that seeing new places and experiencing things outside of your cultural frame of reference is so beneficial.

Here’s why… Continue reading

Get Out of Your Way


“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light” ~ Plato

Some of us want to change our current situation; some want to change their job, some want to change their bodies and some want to change a certain aspect of their personality or thinking, such as a propensity for negative thoughts. I’m certain the vast majority of us have wanted to, or still do want to make changes and at some stage along the way got in their own way, putting up self created walls to block their progress.

For a lot of people, making these changes is inexplicably difficult. We see the changes we want but do not take the steps to realise the changes.

Why do we know the changes we want to make and see them on an intellectual level but find it so difficult to make the change a reality. Continue reading