Beginning to Let Go

We go through life with various things that get in our way, things that trip us up and can sometimes change our path; often these are things over which our control level equals something close to zero and this can be a worry and sometimes upsetting thing for us. What we want in life can often seem like it is on the other side of a raging torrent. 

When we are dealing with our own issues emotional attachment can lead to wrong and even reckless decisions. When we are frustrated, angry or whatever emotion we feel we cannot be objective and make the decision that is true to us. So we must find a way to reduce the emotional attachment we have. The way to do this is to be aware of your thought patterns, you can do this by practicing paying attention to the thoughts that you have. Doing this allows you to lessen the attachment and judgement of thoughts which brings more clarity to thinking.

The trick is to remove the subjective way of looking at the things and to start to see the way through to where we want to be. We are all people having a human experience, so you are one of many people that has had to deal with problems in the past and as you can see there are plenty of people who have gone through obstacles and picked themselves up when they haven’t succeeded first time. It might sound counter intuitive but removing any degree of your ego, your sense of self, from problems can give a lot of peace. Because of the way our brains and culture have evolved it can be difficult to see that we are part of a whole. This detachment from the whole and identification with the self can really get us bogged down in some issues that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things and this can be a major contributing factor to some psychological maladies as well as to some of society’s problems.

As a practical example of how removing emotion from a situation provides clarity, imagine a good friend comes to you for some advice, what kind of advice would you give? As you lack the emotional attachment to their scenario you can provide objective advice devoid of any anger, upset, love pain etc.
Removing our emotional attachment is a skill that can be learned and one that needs practice. Through a number of factors many of us learn to be quite a bit more self involved than we’d like to think we are, something I am guilty of, but with some practice of acceptance and shifting our perspective we can learn to accept situations better and to have a little bit less emotional attachment.

Obstacles give us a great chance to practice becoming more accepting and to step back and be more objective to our approach to the world. Whether you go through the difficulty, over the obstacle, or even change your course,  difficulties present an opportunity to begin to learn about yourself and your ego. By taking this step we can claim back all of our power when making choices and with any action we make.


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